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Orders this week....

Important message ... Please Share!!! Another way to assist those in need due to the hurricane and flooding.

**All orders placed Monday, August 28th through Friday, September 1st.**
5% of your product total will be going to Red Cross Harvey for Hurricane Harvey disaster relief. Incense-Incense will be taking the full total tally on Saturday, September 2nd and contacting them to deposit funds. Watch for post updates on amount and deposit in this post.
We send our love and prayers to those in need. Please light your candles, set up your alters, smudge the air, light a stick and do what you do best in sending love to where it is needed. If you can't make a purchase to assist please call 1-800-435-7669 to donate by phone. This is the direct number for Red Cross.

PS ... I hope all of our customers in this area are taken care of. Check in with us and let us know you are safe.


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Spring Incense

Greetings Incense Lovers,

Spring is in the air and its time to see what is new on site and/or maybe it's time to mix up your same ole' incense collection with a new aroma or style.

Some NEW products to try out: 
Enjoy Nature Natural Mosquito Sticks
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We do have some changes coming up soon with with MORE aromatic Woods coming into stock soon from Holy Woods. Primo Connoisseur Indian Incense will soon be back in stock as we are waiting on new printed boxes from the company (we are waiting patiently). There will be some new surprises with our Happy Hari CollectionRare Essence Collection is fully stocked once again and last but not least I must remind you that Tibetan Incense can take a little longer for delivery please be patient as I only order twice a year and we have customers that will buy it right back out of stock when it comes back into stock. My suggestion is that so…

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I was introduced to this Incense Burner via facebook through some private messaging. I'm always up to doing product reviews when it comes to incense, resins, herbs and more!! All you have to do is ask and send me the product so that I can give it a whirl. Let the truth be told.

Today's subject: Zensense "The Amazing Incense Burner"

Today I received (fast/safe shipping) one of their mahogany burners that is 11 1/4 inches long by almost 2 inches wide. Beautifully carved and stained as I see no flaws. I was told that this incense holder would put out any of my sticks at the length I chose by sliding the block (easy to slide). I decided to give this burner a run for its money (I was a little ify) and used a powerful incense to see if it could really put out my incense (Nature Nature was my choice). I followed the directions that are given with the burner as they are very easy to follow and watched as the burn got closer and closer to the block. As it entered the block I …

Keith Clark Collection

The Keith Clark Collection, was created by Keith Clark, a licensed massage therapist from the United States. Keith started introducing aromatherapy into his massage sessions and realized "using nature to rejuvenate, inspire, provide relief and enhance the quality of your health naturally" is what he wanted to do for others. So he carefully created The KCC line with natural ingredients that were tested on humans to achieve these amazing results. His intent of these unique scented cones are to be burned for relaxation, meditation and/or to create a pleasing/inviting environment to your home and/or office. 

As of right now you will have a choice between a Incense Cone line and Massage Candles line. Both are wonderful products that you should try........

These soft glowing massage candles will set the ambiance for any area in your home or work space. All KCC's massage candles are wax and butter based, cotton wick and soy free. These 2 in 1 candles are created with high grade i…