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Spring Incense

Greetings Incense Lovers,

Spring is in the air and its time to see what is new on site and/or maybe it's time to mix up your same ole' incense collection with a new aroma or style.

Some NEW products to try out: 
Enjoy Nature Natural Mosquito Sticks
Sacred Feather Sage Wand
Juniper Wand
Stone Pyramid Oil Diffuser
KCC Lavender Mint Incense Cones
Morning Star Myrrh

We do have some changes coming up soon with with MORE aromatic Woods coming into stock soon from Holy Woods. Primo Connoisseur Indian Incense will soon be back in stock as we are waiting on new printed boxes from the company (we are waiting patiently). There will be some new surprises with our Happy Hari CollectionRare Essence Collection is fully stocked once again and last but not least I must remind you that Tibetan Incense can take a little longer for delivery please be patient as I only order twice a year and we have customers that will buy it right back out of stock when it comes back into stock. My suggestion is that so…