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Keith Clark Collection

The Keith Clark Collection, was created by Keith Clark, a licensed massage therapist from the United States. Keith started introducing aromatherapy into his massage sessions and realized "using nature to rejuvenate, inspire, provide relief and enhance the quality of your health naturally" is what he wanted to do for others. So he carefully created The KCC line with natural ingredients that were tested on humans to achieve these amazing results. His intent of these unique scented cones are to be burned for relaxation, meditation and/or to create a pleasing/inviting environment to your home and/or office. 

As of right now you will have a choice between a Incense Cone line and Massage Candles line. Both are wonderful products that you should try........

These soft glowing massage candles will set the ambiance for any area in your home or work space. All KCC's massage candles are wax and butter based, cotton wick and soy free. These 2 in 1 candles are created with high grade i…